Cremation Options

Cremation Options

The biggest misconception about cremation is that there can't be a funeral service or visitation for a reasonable cost. This is absolutely not the case —we encourage you to consider holding a memorial service to celebrate the life of the deceased. We can help with affordable options. Whether it’s through a final viewing before the cremation or through a formal service either before or after the cremation. If you want to take part in the cremation process, contact our staff for further details.


Since every family is different and has unique needs, our funeral home knows it’s important to offer families in the Oregon area an array of various cremation options. 

Direct Cremation

Direct cremation is when the deceased’s body is cremated right away. There is no visitation or viewing for this service option. The ashes can be placed in a variety of containers such as an urn. Families may want this option if they are not ready to have a funeral service right away or if the deceased did not want the family to have a service at all.


Direct Cremation $665 (No hidden fees)

  • Includes Reduced Basic Professional Service of Funeral Home and Staff
  • Refrigeration
  • Removal from Hospital or Nursing Facility
  • Alternative Container Required by Crematory
  • Urn is not included in the cost due to the many options our families choose based on what they plan to do with the cremated remains

Additional Fees

  • Death Certificates $25 each
  • Oregon State Filing Fee $20
  • Second man removal (Anything other than hospital or nursing facility) $125
  • Urns (Pricing starts at $50- visit our urn store for a full list of affordable options)
  • Cash Advance items such as newspaper obituaries, cemetery fees or outside service charges)
  • Additional Cremation Charge for individuals over 300 pounds in stature

 For package pricing, please view our General Price List below.

Download Our General Price List Here


Cremation with a Service

For this service, the deceased will be cremated prior to the funeral service. The ashes will be placed in the container of your choice. Then, we will hold a funeral service in honor of your loved one. Funeral services often include prayer, the singing of hymns, a eulogy, and readings. Typically, the ashes in their desired container are present. Families choose this option if they do not want a viewing of their loved one’s body but still want a traditional funeral service.


Cremation with a Graveside Service

When choosing a graveside service for cremation, the deceased’s body will be cremated prior to the service. Then, friends and family will gather by the deceased’s grave plot for a formal funeral service. This often includes prayer, the singing of hymns, a eulogy, and readings. At the end of the service, the deceased’s ashes will be buried — they can be buried as is or in a selected container such as an urn.


Cremation with a Celebration of Life Service

Similar to the services above, the deceased will be cremated prior to the celebration of life service. However, a celebration of life service is not necessarily the same as a traditional funeral service. It often takes place after the funeral service. This service option gives families more options for creativity and can be held in any venue of their choosing. It’s a time for family and friends to gather and share memories of the deceased. 


Ash Scattering Services

We can help you organize a ceremony where your loved one's ashes are scattered in a location of your choice. A key point for this cremation service is finding a location that was of significance to your loved one.

Of course, with any of these services, you can choose to have a viewing before cremation. With this option, the deceased will be embalmed and prepared for a viewing. Then later on they are cremated, and the family will receive their ashes.


At Weddle Funeral Service, we value giving families in Stayton and Lebanon, OR many cremation options because it’s our goal for you to have a positive experience working with our funeral home. We want every family to have the opportunity to honor their loved one in a meaningful way. If you have any additional questions about the cremation process and any of the other services we offer, please reach out to us. We are happy to help your family in any way.

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